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7 Secrets To Decrease Your Hip Pain & Get You Back To Moving Pain Free

Hip joint pain, stiffness and/or discomfort is a common complaint from my patients. Many people suffer from hip pain for years before they start considering having that area looked at and treated. Unless you suffer from direct trauma, such as a fall, It generally starts as mild stiffness or tightness and progress to mobility restriction that can be painful or not.I consider the hip joint a key joint as it is the link between our legs and the rest of our body. Keeping healthy hips is key not only in preventing hip pain, but also very often in preventing, addressing and fixing ankle, knee, pelvic and lower back pain. I consider hip mobility, or lack thereof, to be the main culprit in many ailments dealing with these areas…

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Many other factors can affect the hip joint and since I am often asked by my patient in Burien, Seattle, and surroundings about hip pain and what they can do on their own to improve their condition, I decided to compile a list/ e-book of 7 Secrets To Decrease Your Hip Pain.

In it, topics range from the way you sleep, importance of your footwear… I go over a common overlooked area when it comes to treating your hip… I also answer the questions regarding stretching, “Is stretching your hip all is it cracked up to be?”.​In order to get a FREE copy, please click on button below and fill in the form to receive an email containing that book.

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