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Top Bell’s Palsy Fact Answered: Chance of Recovery, Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, Eye Closing With Bell’s Palsy, & Face massage


You may or may not know that you do early in your Bell’s Palsy recovery greatly affect your progress.⁣

For 29% of people, turns out that that it is key in their recovery, being part of the group that will not just recover on its own.⁣

The problem is that when you have Bell’s palsy, you have no way of knowing which group you belong to.⁣
Being proactive and involved with your recovery and rehab becomes even more important
If you have not seen improvement with facial muscles movements in 3 weeks, you should get started stat!⁣

If has been 6 weeks with no change, your risk of not achieving full recovery is only increasing.⁣

Bell’s palsy is a neurological condition. Neural tissues, like the facial nerve, are the type of tissue that heals the
lowest and are at more risk of never recovering. The earlier they get attention and treatment, the higher the

chance of recovery.⁣

Once you have seen a physician and been prescribed steroids and antivirals, you ought to start the active part of

​ your BP treatment.  Don’t Delay


RHS is the second most common cause of facial paralysis after Bell’s palsy⁣

It is known to be caused by an exposure to the varicella- zoster virus, also known as the shingles. Instead of the typical rash and pain located in various part of the body, this shingles attack affect the facial nerve directly, leading to facial paralysis.⁣

Perhaps because it often presents like Bell’s palsy, it is very often misdiagnosed or not diagnosed until much later in the patient facial paralysis journey. This can lead to more severe symptoms end it all so dreaded synkinesis.⁣

The important fact to remember is that RHS is much less likely to heal on its own like BP could. And the more time has gone by between onset and diagnosis, the least likely you are to fully recover. It then becomes extremely important to be diagnosed correctly.⁣

RHS does present with different symptoms than bells palsy, but the symptoms can be early on in the disease process or appear later.⁣

Here they are:⁣

Little rash or blisters seen more commonly inside or around the ear, or inside mouth like on the inside lip and palate. Also kneon as vesicles, they can also present on any part of the face and neck.⁣

Extreme pain behind / around the ear, in your neck and/or anywhere on your face, on the side of the paralysis. We are talking about much more severe pain than with Bell’s palsy. High intensity pain is rare with Bell’s palsy, which presents mostly with mild ache in ear, jaw, neck and/or face.⁣

Vertigo or dizziness. If you experience loss of balance, feeling of the room spinning around you, you could have one of this common symptoms of RHS.⁣

Tinnitus, or ringing in your ear. This can also occur with BP but it is even more likely with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome. Sensitivity to certain sound and frequencies, or hyperacusis, as well as decreased hearing are possible resulting symptoms as well.⁣


Learn good technique to encourage eye closing.
By now you probably know how crucial it is to regain the ability to close your eyes⁣

Here is a quick video demonstrating a sequence and technique to regain control of your eyelid⁣:


Self-massage is a great way to help increase blood flow, help decrease sensitivity and stiffness to particular area of your face when you suffer from Bell’s palsy.⁣

It is a great warm up, sometimes following application of moist heat to the face, to stimulate facial muscles prior to the performance of facial exercises⁣

It can help decrease the incidence of fibrotic tissue, particularly if your paralysis is long term( over 3 months). Some studies have demonstrated the presence of fibrotic tissue with synkinesis. In that regard, self massage could help decrease one of the symptoms observed with synkinesis. ⁣

Only use your , with light pressure. Refrain from using soft tissue tool. You are working with a small area with thin layers of muscles. ⁣

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