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The Top Reasons To Wear Minimalist Shoes

You might have heard of them… Or seen more and more people wearing them…Or maybe had a glimpse at them at your favorite shoe retailer. Shoes that look quite different than what you’d consider traditional…they look wider, look shorter, with a very small sole that looks like the manufacturers saved on using material…Could these really ... Read more

Can Yoga Help with Back Pain?

Many people suffering from back pain, in Seattle, Burien and the rest of the world, are often recommended by their doctors, or friends for that matter, to give a try to yoga in order to fix their back pain…Sometimes along a printed sheet of generic exercises…​Don’t get me wrong, I am all for encouraging people ... Read more

Address Your Back Pain: Footwear

Our spine are loaded with every steps we take. It’s physics… and I won’t bore you with more details…​But the kind of footwear you are wearing can have an impact on your symptoms With some type of shoes, such as high heels, flip flops, sandals, shoes with poor cushioning, the amount of stress through the ... Read more

Slouching? Change your Position Frequently

Yes, posture that prevent overstressing your back, injured or not, is important. ​I might take a lot of heat from many people, including other physical therapists, for saying this but as humans, we are bound to slouch and have poor posture numerous times a day and it is not possible to maintain ideal posture 24 hours ... Read more

Back Pain: Ice vs Heat

Greeting readers! For the next couple weeks, I will post one daily tip that might help you treat your acute or chronic  back pain. My goal is to keep it short and to the point, with simple explanations. Tip: Use a Cold Pack/Ice Pack I get this question all the time: should I use ice ... Read more

Best Treatment for Cervicogenic Headaches

Ah…..Headache. Probably the most common type of ache a human knows from early on in life. There are many reasons for having a headache and sources are so varied that regrouping the different type of headaches under one umbrella would be counterproductive.Today, I want to discuss Cervicogenic Headaches, a common type of headaches and how ... Read more

First Steps for Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain (LBP) is so common and pretty much every single human being on this planet will experience some degrees of back pain, some chronically and others rarely.In most cases, an overwhelming majority of cases of LBP are benign and will go away through a natural course after 3 weeks. Only in a minority ... Read more

Seating Problems Relationship to Back Pain

 A lot of patients I treat for lower back pain are often surprised by how quick they improve after their first  treatments…while at the same time thinking “if only I d had known what movement to do and which one to avoid…” Let’s talk about my patient Richard again. Before he made the decisions to ... Read more

Treat Acute Lower Back Pain

It’s a fact: most people will at some point in there life experience acute low back pain.  The way acute back pain treatment has been approached has changed and continues to change.  If you or your loved one suffers from back pain, make sure you’re being treated following the approach describes in this article. It’s ... Read more