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This One Stretch Could Fix Your Knee Pain

I would like to talk to you about the saphenous nerve. Why am I talking about that today? The saphenous nerve could be the source of pain in your knee or anywhere down your leg, all the way down to your foot for  various reason.This nerve is a continuation of your femoral nerve. Your femoral ... Read more

The Top Reasons To Wear Minimalist Shoes

You might have heard of them… Or seen more and more people wearing them…Or maybe had a glimpse at them at your favorite shoe retailer. Shoes that look quite different than what you’d consider traditional…they look wider, look shorter, with a very small sole that looks like the manufacturers saved on using material…Could these really ... Read more

How To Climb Stairs Correctly To Prevent Knee Pain

So just a few days ago we looked at how to descend stairs when you have new pain/when going down steps reproduces the pain.  Today, I would like to show you how to properly go up a step, what you can do, how to place your feet and how to optimize the right muscle use ... Read more

Learn How To Properly Walk Down Stairs When You Suffer From Knee Pain

So today I would like to start a serie on knee pain. I will approach several common reasons for having knee pain with common movements and tasks. I will also demonstrate what you can do about it and what you can change with specific exercises that will help you correct what you are doing wrong.We ... Read more

3 Quick Fixes for your Knee

Knee Pain? Try This!

In addition to the knee pain report I last posted, I would like to share one technique that could help alleviate you knee pain. It is a self mobilization while moving your knee. A rotated tibia and fibula are fairly common and could be the cause of stress on different structures in your knee. Try ... Read more

Tips for Knee Pain

If you are a chronic knee pain sufferer, check out my new FREE report to learn more on what common mistakes people with knee pain often do and on what to start doing today to get rid of pain and stiffness.For a more proactive way to address your knee pain, Call us at 4252814171 to take advantage ... Read more