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First Steps for Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain (LBP) is so common and pretty much every single human being on this planet will experience some degrees of back pain, some chronically and others rarely.In most cases, an overwhelming majority of cases of LBP are benign and will go away through a natural course after 3 weeks. Only in a minority ... Read more

Choosing a Physical Therapist

Burien, Seattle and Greater Seattle residents,Before typing “physical therapy near me,” and choosing a provider , make sure you’re making the right decision…and consider all your options.Butheau Physical therapy offers quality, private, one-on-one physical therapy treatments.With us, you can pick a convenient time of treatment to your convenience. We drive to you: at home, your work, ... Read more

Facia and the Myofacial System

Do you suffer from chronic pain? Maybe you have been treated by different practitioners to address this disabling problem? Perhaps you’ve already seen a physical therapist and you saw some improvements and results but are still feeling a low grade ache in your back, neck, arm or leg… Did the therapist you worked with assess ... Read more