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You Could Get Rid Of Your Achy & Stiff Neck With This One Exercise

Video Transcript:Hello followers. So today I would like to discuss a tip for aneck pain. This is also a self test to see if you would benefit from this motion. This particular motion I will demonstrate is called retraction,  as well as retraction in combination with side bending. And very often, and I see this with ... Read more

Choosing a Pillow

Check this video on my thoughts of what is a better sleeping  position and what kind of pillow to use for improve comfort and avoiding a stiff or painful neck in the morning. The first video is the unabridged version and the second one( follow the link)  is shorter but with some helpful diagrams. Excerpt/ ... Read more

Muscles that might be Causing your Neck Pain

You might have never heard of the longus colli…but weakness in that rather small strip of muscle tissue deep in the front of your neck could be causing your chronic neck pain… This thin strip of muscular tissue is part of the core muscles of your neck and assist with flexing your head and neck, ... Read more

Prevent Neck and Shoulder Pain

If you or a loved one suffers from neck or shoulder pain, don’t let it ruin your/their life. Stop procrastinating and fix it before things get worse! You could fix it by just reading this free ebook. Download this free Report now>>