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Top Facts You Should Know To Treat, Conquer & Recover From Bell’s Palsy

You wake up one day and feel different. But not in a good way. You notice that it’s not possible to blink or to close your eye. Maybe you notice a droop on one side of your face. Perhaps you discover something is wrong when you take your first sip of morning coffee, only to drool ... Read more

Just Diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy? Understand Your Path to Recovery

Just diagnosed with Bell’s palsy? Here is the first thing you should know. The good thing? It is not a death sentence. No matter how bad you feel or it looks right now. DID I JUST HAVE A STROKE? Waking up one day with (most commonly) half your face paralyzed and not responding to any ... Read more

Bell’s Fact Facts Answered

This post is for informational and educational purpose only. It is not tailored medical advice to your specific condition. Techniques to stretch muscles surrounding the eye Today, I am demonstrating one way to help relieve the tightness and associated occasional pain that is associated with it during Bell’s palsy.⁣ Massaging first, then stretching.⁣⁣ These will ... Read more

Facts About Bell’s Palsy Part Three

And It Does Not Work!⁣ ⁣ Most people that suffer from Bell’s Palsy will read about or hear about electrical stimulation for treatment of BP⁣ The chance is that they will think of a TENS unit as viable in treating facial paralysis… And IT IS NOT.⁣TENS unit is for treatment of pain only, NOT to ... Read more

Facts about Bell’s Palsy: Part Two

What healthcare professionals can help me when I am dealing with Bell’s Palsy? First and foremost, you should be evaluated by a physician. Most people will see their primary care physician/family doctor, or an Emergency or urgent care department physician. The goal here should be for a correct Bell’s Palsy diagnosis and prescription of steroids ... Read more

Facts About Bells Palsy: Part One

Just above 70% of individuals diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy recover fully within one year⁣. ⁣ To be precise, that number is 71%⁣. ⁣ While this represent almost one in four people, it also means than 1person out of four still deal with the symptoms of BP after 1 year. ⁣ ⁣ There are several reasons ... Read more

Does Lyme Disease Cause Bell’s Palsy?

​Are you currently suffering from facial paralysis? Perhaps you have a hard time closing your eyes, smile, frown, pucker, amongst other facial function? You woke up one day not being able to sip on your morning cup of coffee, eat without drooling and leaving you wondering if you suffered a stroke? You are unsure what ... Read more

The 10 Best Ways To Improve Your Balance and Prevent Another Fall

Let’s chat about a topic that is often overlooked and has potential of affecting someone’s life and could be resulting in life changing injuries. Over my 17 years career, I have treated patients in hospitals, outpatient clinics, private homes, skilled nursing facilities and rehab centers and hundreds of them for injuries resulting after a fall. ... Read more

My Personal Bell’s Palsy Journey

Bell’s Palsy – My Personal Journey on Video in four Episodes I documented my symptoms and recovery in the video playlist before giving my thoughts on what made me fully recover in 7-10 days.The average length of symptoms are 2-4 weeks. In the most severe cases, symptoms can linger for up to 6 months. My ... Read more