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A New Therapy Format To Help People With Pain & Mobility Problems

Transcript of Video: Hi, this is Pierre-Yves Butheau, owner and physical therapist at Butheau Physiotherapy here in Seattle. I would like to officially welcome you to my practice. We specialize in helping people return to their full physical potential, the activities and the sports that they love. We help people b come more mobile and ... Read more


A little addition to my last post showing the old way to practice healthcare…the one that gets both patients and practitioners frustrated, that is full of red tapes from insurance companies. A physical therapist will refer you to the appropriate healthcare practitioner as they are trained to recognize medical emergencies or anything that is outside ... Read more

The Science of Pain

Ah, Pain…It’s the cause of so many frustrations and discomfort and can seem life ending in some situation… Even when being explained the source of your pain by a medical professional, you still can’t always explain it. And many patients don’t understand how the site of their injury still hurts even though the tissue has ... Read more

Facia and the Myofacial System

Do you suffer from chronic pain? Maybe you have been treated by different practitioners to address this disabling problem? Perhaps you’ve already seen a physical therapist and you saw some improvements and results but are still feeling a low grade ache in your back, neck, arm or leg… Did the therapist you worked with assess ... Read more