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Should I Get Physical Therapy After A Car Accident?

So today I would like to talk to you about a question that I often see on forums online or I have been ask by patients is…Is physical therapy or physiotherapy appropriate after a car accident? My answer today’s is 100%, Yes! Of course you would want to work with a PT who has experience in treating ... Read more

Benefits of a Mulligan Certified Practitioner

Many people, after seeing my website or being treated, ask me what is the Mulligan Concept about and what a ​Certified Mulligan Practitioner. Here is a quick overview from the official website

Choosing a Physical Therapist

Burien, Seattle and Greater Seattle residents,Before typing “physical therapy near me,” and choosing a provider , make sure you’re making the right decision…and consider all your options.Butheau Physical therapy offers quality, private, one-on-one physical therapy treatments.With us, you can pick a convenient time of treatment to your convenience. We drive to you: at home, your work, ... Read more

Don’t Use your Insurance for Physical Therapy!

In my 15 years career as a physical therapist, I have worked in various inpatient and outpatient settings with different reimbursement / payment models. The one consistent reality I have had to face in regards to patient care is dealing with, advocating, explaining and justifying  for the care of my patients to insurance companies.I have ... Read more

What Makes a Skilled Physiotherapist?

As a PT, I often hear people saying they really don’t know what physical therapy does, what kind of treatment or techniques a PT use and often even question why their doctor sent them for PT treatments.To be honest, I think the physical therapy profession has been lackluster in promoting its benefits, at educating the ... Read more

Welcome to Butheau Physiotherapy

This is my first blog post!  I want to officially welcome you to my blog and the new website for Butheau Physiotherapy. It has been a long time in the making and I could not be more proud of my little baby! And I will start with something that is of actuality in the physical ... Read more