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Sciatica Treatment

In this post, I’d like to offer a step-by-step guide to addressing your sciatica, no matter if it has been going on for 3 days or 3 years. My goal is to at least give you a proactive head start and empower you with at least a little knowledge on what you should be actively doing ... Read more

Easy Treatment for Sciatica & Stenosis: Movement Screening

You’ve probably read or been taught about various ways to stay or become healthier before…Some valid…like annual medical check -ups, colonoscopy after age 50, mammogram, routine dental cleaning and exams… Some much less valid, confusing, and/or clearly misleading… Like TV news mentioning latest studies such as ” drinking three cups of coffee a day could ... Read more

Causes of Back Pain Symptoms

Sciatica:The Other S Word Everybody Dread, Part II In this post, I’ d like to discuss the most common possible causes of sciatica. I could not reinforced the utmost importance of a CLEAR DIAGNOSIS in understanding and treating sciatica APPROPRIATELY. Knowing what structures are involved, which movements worsen or alleviate your symptoms is obviously necessary. ... Read more

Sciatica: Rest or Exercise?

SCIATICA: The Other S Word Everybody Dread If you have experienced sciatica, know someone who has experienced it first hand or heard that term before, you must know it is a very debilitating condition that can arise… generally suddenly, without warning signs. Sciatica is not a diagnosis. It is a symptoms that can originate from ... Read more