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Does Lyme Disease Cause Bell’s Palsy?

​Are you currently suffering from facial paralysis? Perhaps you have a hard time closing your eyes, smile, frown, pucker, amongst other facial function? You woke up one day not being able to sip on your morning cup of coffee, eat without drooling and leaving you wondering if you suffered a stroke? You are unsure what ... Read more

Telehealth Physical Therapy: Convenience & Technology

Wouldn’t it be nice to have your questions answered at your convenience when it comes to movement, joint and muscle pain? Do you ever wish you had a doctor in the family or at home, or  could talk to a physical therapist virtually when these questions come up? How about being treated without having to ... Read more

The 10 Best Ways To Improve Your Balance and Prevent Another Fall

Let’s chat about a topic that is often overlooked and has potential of affecting someone’s life and could be resulting in life changing injuries. Over my 17 years career, I have treated patients in hospitals, outpatient clinics, private homes, skilled nursing facilities and rehab centers and hundreds of them for injuries resulting after a fall. ... Read more

Easy Treatment for Sciatica & Stenosis: Movement Screening

You’ve probably read or been taught about various ways to stay or become healthier before…Some valid…like annual medical check -ups, colonoscopy after age 50, mammogram, routine dental cleaning and exams… Some much less valid, confusing, and/or clearly misleading… Like TV news mentioning latest studies such as ” drinking three cups of coffee a day could ... Read more