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Choosing a Physical Therapist

Burien, Seattle and Greater Seattle residents,
Before typing “physical therapy near me,” and choosing a provider , make sure you’re making the right decision…and consider all your options.
Butheau Physical therapy offers quality, private, one-on-one physical therapy treatments.
With us, you can pick a convenient time of treatment to your convenience. We drive to you: at home, your work, or location of your choice, with all the equipment needed. Done are the days of rushing out of work, taking time from your hardly earned banked time off,  and/or fighting traffic to get to your PT treatment on time.
We offer 60 and 90 mn treatments during which you will not feel rushed. You receive a comprehensive/ holistic evaluation and hands-on treatments, encompassing a variety of effective treatments such as myofascial release, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, joint mobilization amongst other techniques. The flexibility of our treatments offers us the luxury(which should be standard anywhere) to spend an entire session of one on one care with our patients, with enough time to address the root of the problem, answer questions from our patients and review any exercises our patients might have questions about.
At Butheau Physiotherapy, we do not rush you and focus on the customer/ patient experience as we believe slowing down and truly listening to our patients is the key to successful rehabilitation and faster progress. We blend manual therapy, motor control and neuromuscular rehabilitation, therapeutic exercises, pain science education and can help you with a variety of conditions (please see our website:www.butheauphysio.com/about.html for more details).
We specialize in chronic and recalcitrant conditions as much as new injury and post surgical patients.
Besides your appointments/ treatments, we offer you convenient, efficient and modern communication with your therapist 7 days a week.
If you are ready for a new physical therapy experience and if you have any questions about what conditions we treat and the goals we can help you achieve, contact us at butheauphysio@gmail.com or 4252814171 by text or phone.

We Help People in Seattle Stay Active, Regain Strength & Balance, Recover From Or Avoid Surgeries And Pain Medications With In Clinic, & Online Physical Therapy Excellence

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