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Slouching? Change your Position Frequently

Yes, posture that prevent overstressing your back, injured or not, is important. 

I might take a lot of heat from many people, including other physical therapists, for saying this but as humans, we are bound to slouch and have poor posture numerous times a day and it is not possible to maintain ideal posture 24 hours a day. I am saying that as a human.

Now, as a physiotherapist…

… I can say that slouching is ok, we all do it. What matter is the amount of slouching and stressful positions you sustain, for how long… 

See… to keep our joints healthy, we need to keep them mobile, through their entire range of motion. That takes a little work. 

​And when you have back pain, it takes changing position every 20-30 minutes, even if it means just standing up from your desk and doing the stretch seen on the picture above.

Using a sit /stand desktop is ideal to be able to change position throughout a day of work at the office but not necessary. Set a timer on your computer to remind you to get up and change position, go on a short walk, etc…

So my advice, especially if you suffer from back or neck pain, is pay attention to the way you sit and in what positions your neck, mid and low back, shoulders and hips/pelvis are… and move them in the opposite direction. Often. Several times a day.

It might take a little help from a physical therapist/ physiotherapist to find out exactly what to do but it can be a very easy fix.  

Leave a comment with any questions you might have.

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9 thoughts on “Slouching? Change your Position Frequently”

  1. I usually wake up with back pain that goes away if I stretch. It is nice to hear that I can sleep on my side and not have a stiff back. I’ll be sure to start putting a pillow between my knees when I sleep.

    • They say you shouldn’t complain much about your life if there’s food on your plate and a roof above your head. A comfortable bed to sleep in would just be a bonus because most people don’t have any of the three I mentioned. Having said that, I think I have every reason to be depressed when my roof is leaking and I don’t have a bed. Don’t get me started on how difficult it is for me to find food for myself everyday. I am so tired of this life.

  2. When I had my operation last year. I experienced having severe back pains and this really helps. Instead of taking some medicines, I guess this simple advice would really be a big help. We should take good care of our backs because this is one of the most used part of our body. Having a good posture would really affect anything that we do. Even if you are sleeping, we can still encounter back pains when we wake up.

  3. yes, the above advice are particularly true when you suffer from back or neck pain. And yes posture is important, but more important: movement and changing position often.

  4. I must have been in involved in commenting to these blogs. I feel really nice. It was great to share this post here. We are thankful to you for taking time for us. You please keep continue with your blogs. Great.

  5. I really like your idea to meet with a physical therapist that can help you choose some exercises that get your hips and joints moving. My brother is trying to get in touch with a therapist this month for this very reason. He is starting to get some really bad back pain so he wants to get it all sorted out before it gets worse.

  6. I appreciate your advice to change every 20 minutes or so in order to avoid further pains. My sister is struggling with some bad back pains right now. She needs to see a chiropractor that can help her get comfortable again.

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