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A New Therapy Format To Help People With Pain & Mobility Problems

Transcript of Video:

Hi, this is Pierre-Yves Butheau, owner and physical therapist at Butheau Physiotherapy here in Seattle.
I would like to officially welcome you to my practice.
We specialize in helping people return to their full physical potential, the activities and the sports that they love. We help people b come more mobile and active, all without requiring pain medications, joint injections and often, unnecessary surgery.
We specialize in one-on-one, detailed, concierge style  treatments. So who are our treatments for?
If you identify with following, you are the perfect candidate for care with Butheau Physiotherapy: Do you have aches and pains associated with low back pain, sciatica, arthritis, neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, ankle or foot pain, hip pain, or headaches?
Have you been told?
•    “You have the worst <spine, neck, posture, knee,…> I’ve ever seen!”
•    “Your pain is just from getting old, arthritis.  You will just have to live with it?
•    “Your pain is all in your head?”
•    “Your only option left is surgery?

Are you tired of not being able to perform basic movements without pain? Of living in pain and discomfort, unable to do the activities you love and enjoy, as a sport activity or with family and loved ones?

Are you frustrated by having to take pain medications that do not seem to really help? Are you tired of all these doctors visits that don’t seem to be resolving your problem?

Have you already tried PT and feeling discouraged as it did not seem to help as much as you’d wish? Have you been told you need to get an MRI or surgery for your pain and want a second opinion?

Have you noticed that aches and pains tend to stay around longer?

Do you have an old injury that keeps creeping up every now and then ans are serious of resolving?

Are you active and worry a new injury might put you on the sideline for months? Not being able to play with your team?

Are you not able to play golf or tennis, hike or ski or participate in your favorite sports due to pain or an old injury?

Do you have  difficulty getting up in the morning because you are tired or hurting?

Do you suffer from regular fatigue or headaches on a frequent basis?

Are you worried about your child  or teenage athlete returning to play after they tore their ACL?

Are you a male with pelvic issue that is looking for an empathic and available practitioner that places patient first?

I know this is a long list but know that at Butheau Physiotherapy, we are able to help with many conditions you might not have known was treatable with a thorough and patient focused movement and therapeutic approach. We do believe that movement is medicine.
We can help you or your family, friends, co-workers when you feel that your movement or activity performance is limited, and when you experience pain, tightness, numbness or tingling.
We strive to help you reach your goal and potential so you can enjoy life to its fullest.
Make sure you take advantage of our free online material that you can download below this video. Check our blog, Facebook and Instagram pages for even more free tips that could make a big difference in the way you feel.
I would like to conclude with the fact that we are not your typical PT clinic. We have developed a model that help us provide the best level of care for our patients.
We work for our patients. NOT Health Insurances!
Don’t hesitate to contact us by phone, email, text with any questions you might have and sign up  below for a free phone consultation or any enquiring about our services.

Have an awesome day!

We Help People in Seattle Stay Active, Regain Strength & Balance, Recover From Or Avoid Surgeries And Pain Medications With In Clinic, & Online Physical Therapy Excellence

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