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Muscles that might be Causing your Neck Pain

You might have never heard of the longus colli…but weakness in that rather small strip of muscle tissue deep in the front of your neck could be causing your chronic neck pain…
This thin strip of muscular tissue is part of the core muscles of your neck and assist with flexing your head and neck, as well as holding your head up all day, where it should be.
Normally a balance of activity between your longus colli and head and neck extensors allow you to hold your head in a neutral position.
Very often, due to sustained posture and overactivity of the neck extensors, the longus colli becomes weak ( think people with a protruding chin bone.  Another very common case of the 
longus colli becoming weak is the result of a motor vehicle accident.  It is commonly injured in rear ending whiplash, can be overstretched and become weak and inhibited, while more superficial muscles in your neck becomes dominant. This creates quite a mess in regards to tension and stabilization relation of your neck and very often the problem doe snot go away until you start to appropriately strengthen the longus colli.  
Check the following video which will show you the first few step in improving longus colli strength.

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