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Bell’s Fact Facts Answered

This post is for informational and educational purpose only. It is not tailored medical advice to your specific condition.

Techniques to stretch muscles surrounding the eye

  • Today, I am demonstrating one way to help relieve the tightness and associated occasional pain that is associated with it during Bell’s palsy.⁣
  • Massaging first, then stretching.⁣
  • These will address tightness in the occipitofrontalis, the depressor supercilli, the nasal is, the alaeque nasi … I know, big Latin word for calling part of your face muscles. ⁣
  • Remember, slow and easy does it. Never force, apply too much pressure nor go too fast when doing these.⁣
  • You might have to remove yourself to a quiet and calm environment and O would suggest doing this in front of the mirror as well. ⁣

Why Do Facial Muscles Heal At A Different Rate?

  • This is a question that Bell’s palsy sufferer often wonder. How come they recover, for example, lifting their forehead or closing their eye faster than their smile, grin or pouting abilities?⁣
  • The facial nerve divides in 5 branches. These branches each innervate different muscles of the face.⁣
  • Nerve is general heal, when they do, at a rate of 1 mm per day. ⁣
  • Knowing this and that not only one but 5 branches have to heal to regain all facial functions, you can appreciate the amount of potential healing scenario possible when it comes to the facial nerve and it’s 5 branches.⁣
  • Know that most of the healing for the facial nerve in case of facial paralysis from Bell’s Palsy( we’re not talking here about other causes of facial paralysis) tends to happen within the first year following onset…
  • … With most of that healing occurring in the first three months….⁣
  • If you have gone more than three months with facial paralysis without seeing any improvement, the cause of your facial paralysis is very likely NOT Bell’s Palsy.⁣

Mirror, Mirror, Who Is The Smartest With Bell’s palsy Of Them All?

  • Today, just a recommendation that I find useful in the rehabilitation of Bell’s Palsy.⁣
  • A Mirror! An hand held Mirror!⁣
  • Visual cueing is a very important aspect to perform facial exercises correctly, to ensure your non affected side is not taking over, to ensure you are not doing mass contraction, (contracting several muscles of your face at the same time), to help you concentrate on one muscles at a time.
  • In a future post, I will go over another item to help you rehab your face.⁣

A Wait And See Approach Is Not Appropriate When Dealing With Bell’s palsy!

  • I am all for giving musculoskeletal injuries time for healing, within reasons…⁣ ⁣
  • Bell’s Palsy is not a musculoskeletal injury though. It is neurological.⁣ ⁣
  • The earlier you receive medical attention, start moving and normalize movement of muscles innervated by that nerve, the higher the chance to recover⁣.
  • The longer you leave an injured nerve immobile, and without use, the higher the chance of never regaining full function.⁣ ⁣
  • If you have had BP for a while, with no signs of change, it’s also not too late. Get going and start now.⁣ ⁣
  • Of course there is a correct method on how to do this. Ask a BP trained physio.⁣ ⁣

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