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Benefits of a Mulligan Certified Practitioner

Many people, after seeing my website or being treated, ask me what is the Mulligan Concept about and what a
​Certified Mulligan Practitioner. Here is a quick overview from the official website

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1 thought on “Benefits of a Mulligan Certified Practitioner”

  1. I think sometimes there are people who are easier to hang out with than others. We can never be sure if they feel the same way about us but it does not really matter anymore as long as they don’t give us the same ill and unwelcome feeling we get from others. It’s therapeutic. I think any practitioner who exhibits the characteristics I am talking about here can really improve your overall wellbeing. People get sick because they are not comfortable psychologically. This should be the first thing we should focus on and part of this would be too feel at ease with the specialist.

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