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You Could Get Rid Of Your Achy & Stiff Neck With This One Exercise

Video Transcript:
Hello followers. So today I would like to discuss a tip for aneck pain. This is also a self test to see if you would benefit from this motion. This particular motion I will demonstrate is called retraction,  as well as retraction in combination with side bending. And very often, and I see this with most of my patients and most people that have neck pain is, that motion is being lost over the years. And there’s a good reason for that and that is because we really don’t do any activities with that particular position of our head and neck. And so I won’t, take too much of your time. I will just demonstrate. So the motion I’m talking about is retraction. Retraction is this motion. So not this…. but bringing your chin straight back, just kind of like a turtle.

So what I see is, with my patients… a lot of patients are positioned in this position for too long and they basically can’t… they have very,  limited emotion in this direction. So one thing that you can do to make this a little bit easier would be to kind of squeeze your shoulder blades a little bit and then bringing your chin back and make sure that you spend less and less amount of time during the day where you’re in this position, which can really limit, your mobility over the years of being able to do this. These can create a lot of compression on joints and nerves in your neck and leads to a bunch of problems in the neck as well as the shoulder. So this motion that is called retraction. So if you have neck pain, my suggestion would be to do in case it’s about 10 times an hour. So that won’t take very long, but that is a good mobility.

The other one would be side bending in combination with retraction. So you would start in the same way… back like this, and then add this motion. So with a lot of my patient, I see a mobility that’s just about this way. And then that’s it. And that’s all they have. And you really want to strive to…. to maintain that mobility as much as you can and both ways.

So that’s it for today. Give that a try …, leave me comments and let me know if that is helping your neck …

I’ll catch you later. Bye

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