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What is a Treatment With Butheau Physiotherapy Like?

What we have to offer you is different from physical therapy treatments available in a typical PT clinic.
We believe our patients deserve our full attention over the course of their treatment and we want them leaving their appointment feeling they received the best care and service possible,  in an environment where understanding and education can happen optimally.
During my treatments, both the patient and therapist are given the appropriate amount of time to problem solve and work together.  Butheau Physiotherapy does not use aide nor assistant. EVERY treatment is with a skilled physical therapist. In a familiar and convenient environment.

Our main goal is to have you moving better, with less pain ,in fewer treatments… While empowering you with the knowledge needed to prevent your problem from coming back. 

Do I Need to See My Physician Before Treatment? Do I Need a Prescription?

Washington is a direct access state for physical therapy: this means you are free to choose a physical therapist of your choice and be treated without a physician referral (with most insurance), unless you are a Medicare beneficiary or an injured worker using an L&I claim.  
If you will require further medical evaluation or diagnostic testing during the course of your care with us, we will be glad to assist you in finding the right medical professional.

Where Is Butheau Physiotherapy Located?

We treat our patients at our clinic in White Center, conveniently located on edge of West Seattle and Burien, a 15 minutes drive from downtown Seattle and Seatac International Airport.

We serve the greater Seattle, Bellevue, Tacoma and Everett area as the only independent facial therapist specialist.

We offer convenient hours with early and later appointments Monday through Friday, by appointment only.

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What Do I Need to Wear During Therapy?

During treatment, we recommend wearing comfortable clothes.  Loose clothes help expose the treated area,  like a cut off shirt or sports bra for shoulder, ribs, neck problems or shorts for lower back, hip, knee and ankle problems. For facial palsy, low collar shirts to expose the neck.

Do I Need an X-ray, Mri, Cat-scan or Other Imaging or Studies Before Working With You?

NO. Imaging studies are not required before any appointment with us. We might recommend one before continuing care ( for example, if we suspect a fracture or other serious pathology) and we will refer you to the right person. If you do already had imaging done, feel free to have these reports ready for your appointment and we will review the findings with you.

Do You Take My Insurance? What Are Your Rates?

Call us at 425-281-4171 for more information on which insurance companies we work with and our private pay rates.  
In addition to insurances, our services can be paid using an health savings account, a flexible spending account. We also can set up an interest free payment plan with us directly. Just ask us!

At Butheau Physiotherapy, we prioritize our patient and customer services, and we don’t let insurance companies dictates the care and the results of our patients, regardless of whether or not we take your insurance. WE WORK FOR OUR PATIENTS, NOT INSURANCE COMPANIES

Find Out How To Determine Your Physical Therapy Insurance Benefits And if Your Insurance Company Will Reimburse You For Physical Therapy
Download the following form for step-by-step instructions:

Download Insurance Benefits Worksheet

At Butheau Physio, We Have a Simple 3-steps Formula

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After a FREE phone consultation, we will determine during our thorough 75-90minutes assessment the root cause of your pain/ problem, identify its trigger, and set-up a personalized plan to address it. ​

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Individualized treatments, tailored to your needs and abilities, empowering you with the knowledge necessary to fix your pain/ problem…and working toward YOUR goals.

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With pain gone, and the knowledge to manage it, You can now return to the activities you love and a productive life!