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Serving The Greater Seattle Area

Who Do We Help?

Low Back and Neck Pain Sufferers

…who are interested in learning how to  manage their condition and not only rely on someone else. 

Facial Palsy Patients

Bell’s palsy, Ramsay hunts, Post surgical, Acoustic neuroma, Vestibular schwannoma patients who want to regain facial function

Joint Replacement Patients

.who are interested in a rapid recovery all the while needing less therapy treatments…or wanting to prepare for a quicker recovery before the surgery.

Car Accident Victims

…with light to severe, recent to chronic injuries, simple strain to multiple joints serious injuries.

Joint Pain Sufferers

From acute joint sprain…to nagging and achy chronic joints, we help with shoulder, elbows, wrist, hip, knee and ankle/ foot pain.

Headaches & Migraine Sufferers

…looking for relief and knowledge to manage it independently?


…injured on the job and would like to return to your occupation ASAP?
We are a Labor & Industries therapy provider.

Chronic Pain Sufferers

…who feels disappointed about the lack of improvement from their medical care, are tired of depending on painkillers, and who would like to finally feel better.

​Vertigo and BPPV Sufferers

…who are interested in learning how to easily self manage their symptoms.

Seniors & Grandparents

…who would like to improve their health through a fitness &/or balance program.
We are a participating Medicare provide

Health Driven Women and Men

…who are concerned about increasing stiffness and becoming less limber, want to become more ​​active and mobile.

Adult Considering Or Recovering from Surgery

..physical therapy could be your last hope when other treatments have failed.

​Busy Professionals 

…who want to remain productive and not hindered by an injury or pain or physical limitations. 

What We Love to Do and Strive for is Helping People…

  • …Stay active – so you can stay focus at work, run a marathon, play with your grand kids, use stairs with with ease or golf and tennis at your leisure
  • …Avoid dangerous surgery – if you want to get to root of the problem and make immediate changes so you are not faced with surgery later
  • …Found out what’s wrong – it is human nature to know what’s wrong in order top stay healthy and we will help you address the core problem with our treatments, recommendations, and exercises for a speedy recovery
  • …Stay free from painkillers – so you can stop using addicting medications that do not fix your pain and actually lower your pain tolerance in the long run
  • …Enjoy life – from living life to its fullest with family and/or friends, not being limited by pain and stop nagging aches and stiffness